Osheaga - by Novom Interactive
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Do you manage a crowd of thousands of people? No problem, we can help you get to know your customers better than you ever thought you could!

Get to Know Your Visitors,
Who They Are, What They Do

Osheaga, Since 2014

The quality and accuracy of our analysis goes well beyond traditional socio-demographic statistics. Not only does our advanced technology tell us who your customers are, it also tells us what they are doing in the environment. We can easily inform you about typical displacement, percentage of visitors per zone, time spent by zone and so much more. We cross reference this type of data with socio-demographic data to provide you with the most advanced socio-behavioral profile available.


Measure Visitor Experience

Festival visitors just want to have a good time and be in the center of the experience. A great experience can be created by having an excellent understanding of festival visitors’ problems.

“For us, our main goal is to ensure that the visitor experience is excellent.”