Bridging the past, present and future

Build your custom interactive experience!
Have your visitors
experience a memorable moment.
Your chance
to meet face to face with a historical character or a living sports legend!

Thanks to the breakthroughs in

holographic technologies
& proximity detections

we design tailored holographic experiences for each visitor.


Just imagine the impact it will have on your visitor!

Actual benefits

Increases brand awareness

Improves competitiveness and traffic

Contributes to the influence of your museum in your community

Expands and diversifies your client base

Increases revenues

Proven Design & Build Process



Preparing a solid foundation to insure a logically structured project.


Components integration, on site shootings, software customization and exhibit setup.


Integrating design and content into coherent media presentations through complex media elements.


Delivery, adjustments and testing.


Fine-tuning of production details, specifications, graphic production files and site coordination.

Operation and maintenance.

Monitoring of all components to ensure the best possible experience for visitors.



evenko is a Quebec company which is the most important independent promoter and producer in Canada.

Loto Québec

Provincial crown corporation mandated to « conduct and administer lottery schemes and to operate businesses which are incidental to the operation of a State casino » in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec city’s winter carnival known to be the largest winter festival in the world.

Granby zoo

Zoo de Granby is one of the major zoos located in Canada and North America’s northeast. It is home to nearly 1500 animals from over 225 different species.

MUTEK Montreal

MUTEK Festival brings the best in innovative and alternative electronic music from around the world to audiences in Montréal


Specialized in project merging geolocation, multimedia interactions, data management and web apps.

Université de Sherbrooke

Large public French-language university in Quebec, Canada. The University is to 40,000 students and a teaching staff of 3,200.